About Goodman Classic

Goodman Classic is a family-owned and operated business located in Carson & Storm Lake, Iowa. At Goodman Classic, we work hard to design and build high-quality, state-of-the-art wood and metal buildings, and equipment systems, while providing the best service in the industry.

We understand customers’ needs and work directly with them to identify the different equipment and accessories necessary for them to ensure their operations run smooth. We are committed to providing exceptional equipment, service, and construction for the agricultural community.

Our Vision

We at Goodman Classic strive to be the first choice in the agricultural sector throughout the U.S. bringing forward innovative construction solutions and providing high quality equipment that aids in feeding and supplying the world while staying true to our Midwestern values and beliefs.

Our Mission

At Goodman Classic we provide cutting-edge equipment, building design, and construction solutions for our customers all across the U.S. using our multi-industry knowledge and years of experience to meet all of their needs to further build the agricultural community.

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Meet Jeff Goodman - Founder and President

Born and raised in Nebraska, Jeff has a background in custom home building since the age of 15 and was very successful in providing homes in rural acreage areas for select customers.

In 2008 Jeff entered the agricultural building and equipment industry.
Using his college background in engineering he has designed and constructed many state-of-the-art facilities along with finding value-added and cost-saving ideas that have helped many customers significantly.

In 2012, Jeff and his wife, Jen, were expecting their second child. Wanting to model independence and a strong work ethic to his children, Jeff started Goodman Classic the day his daughter was born. He has since added his son Jackson, nephew Kody, extended family member Kyle, and many others. When not at job sites or the office, Jeff can be found on the water somewhere, at the race track, or relaxing with his family along the Platte River in beautiful Nebraska.