Equipment Partners

Whatever your production or agricultural needs may be, Goodman Classic’s vast range of equipment is designed to meet them. We are proud to be dealers of the products and companies listed below.

On top of egg, poultry, swine, and cattle production supplies, we also offer additional agriculture production equipment like manure drying systems, UV disinfectant products, air and water filtration systems, heaters and coolers, and much more!

We are proud distributors of the following:


CHORE-TIME – Poultry & Egg Equipment

Vencomatic – Poultry & Egg Equipment



Big Dutchman – Poultry, Egg & Pig Equipment



Fancom – Chicken & Pig Equipment



Munters – Climate Control Equipment



East Iowa Plastics – Hoods, Vents, & Other Ag Products



R Supply – Climate Control Equipment









LB white – Heating Equipment



Eagan Manufacturing – Sturdy Seal Agricultural Doors



Maxim – controls



Dorset – manure dryers



VDL – manure dryers



PSG Dover Hydrosystems



Carlon Meters



Broiler Equipment

Looking for broiler production equipment? Goodman Classic offers broiler controls and software, feeders, and other Chore-Time equipment you need. Browse our collection now. 

broiler production