Poultry Buildings

Goodman Classic has poultry industry knowledge, expertise and man-power making us uniquely qualified to design and build poultry facilities.

We can take a high-rise layer poultry facilities to pullet complexes. Each facility we design and build employs the latest technology and industry innovations to create the most cost-efficient, productive environments for your facilities.

At Goodman Classic we have the experience and knowledge to design and build all building types. We can not only supply the design but also the appropriate equipment for your project. We can supply you with everything needed from start to finish on your facility.


  • Breeder – We have built over 70 million dollars in poultry breeder facilities of all types, equipment’s, and sizes.
  • Pullet – We are extremely knowledgeable in pullets always matching the correct equipment and atmosphere to the bird and customer’s needs.
  • Research – Goodman Classic is a industry leader in the research facility design and producing top quality results while managing costs efficiently.
  • SPF/Vaccine – Goodman Classic is a world leader in the SPF vaccine market and have built the most advanced facilities in the industry.
  • Commercial Layer – Our top of the line design and equipment promote good yields for layers at a cost effective price.
  • Organic Free Range – We have constructed some of the best producing free-range poultry buildings in the United States.
  • Cage Free – We have spent many years learning in Europe to be on the leading edge of the cage-free movement and design.
  • Broiler – We have a excellent value added design approach to broiler building producing quality broiler buildings that will outlast expectations.
  • Turkey – We have many designs for quality turkey projects which produce top quality birds at an affordable price.

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Egg Production

Looking for egg production equipment? Shop our wide collection of palletizers, collectors, packers, and more from Chore-Time and other high-quality vendors today.

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