Air Tube Drying

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Air Tube Manure Drying

Chore-Time’s Air Tube System features large holes, resulting in more total air volume across the belt, drier manure and more even air distribution to the hens during minimum ventilation.

  • Dries manure down to a moisture level where it can be handled and stored.
  • Provides supplemental air to all birds evenly throughout the house; aids with eliminating hot spots and air stratification.
  • In pullet houses, air tubes can be used to uniformly distribute prewarmed air through the house.
  • Helps reduce ammonia levels in the house as well as ammonia emissions.
  • Air tube openings can be configured to meet the building’s particular air speed and volume needs.
  • Various options for ducting and blower placement are available for greater convenience.
  • Made of the highest quality materials for long life.