Control Pan Light

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Encourage Your Birds to Eat from the Feeder Lines’ Control Pans by Using Chore-Time’s Control Pan Light!

  • Bright white light attracts birds to the control pan — more feed gets eaten from the control pan by increasing bird activity there.
  • Helps to ensure that feed is delivered to the rest of the line by encouraging a higher rate of consumption at the control pan.
  • 220 V AC light is powered by the control pan’s power unit and remains lit whenever the timer activates the feeder.  Pan light remains lit 24 hours a day with ad lib feeding.
  • The pan light is easy to retrofit and can be mounted on any 1.75-inch (44 mm) diameter feeder line tube with 220 V AC power supply.
  • Rugged, 9-watt LED bulb does not build up heat and is rated for long life without the hassle of frequently replacing burned out bulbs.
  • Light kit includes all components needed for installation.