livestock Equipment

If you’re looking for feeding equipment, ventilation and collection systems, or any other supplies to maximize your livestock production performance, look no further than Goodman Classic.

We carry everything that livestock farmers need to keep systems running smooth, including feeders, pens, manure management systems from Big Dutchman® and other reputable manufacturers. Browse our selection of livestock management systems and equipment below!

Chore Time Ultra Flo Feeder

Feeding Equipment

Whether your livestock are caged or cage-free, Goodman Classic offers a range of feeders, fill systems, and feed bins that deliver feed management for consistent & reliable feeding for all applications. 

Chore Time Ultra Flo Feeder

Drinking Equipment

We offer a wide selection of drinking systems for both cage-free and caged livestock. These systems have been engineered to provide a steady flow of water to your livestock at all times to keep the animals hydrated and healthy.

egg production ventilation

Ventilation Equipment

Find the ventilation equipment best suited to provide the comfortable environment livestock need to grow and stay healthy. Our catalogue of fans, heaters and coolers, inlets, winches, along with all other necessary ventilation equipment will suit any need! 

egg collection systems


Our supplies and equipment in our selection of egg collectors guarantee gentle collection from collection to packaging, plus top-quality protection throughout the entire trip!

Nest Systems Layers

Control Systems

We offer a variety of automated control systems for livestock management; including fully integrated control sensors, feeding & watering timers, environmental controllers, and others to help keep your livestock healthy and comfortable.

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