Tunnel Doors

Chore-Time’s Tunnel Doors Tumble Air for Better Mixing Throughout the House

Better In-House Air Mixing

  • Cyclonic air movement generates desirable airflow at bird level throughout the house.
  • No more dead zones at side- and end-walls such as are typical of curtain sidewall or double door houses.
  • Insulates at least 8 times better than a curtain during winter.
  • During tunnel-assist mode, cold air is directed away from the birds until it has mixed with house air.

Innovative Design

  • Laminated, composite door panel.
  • Structure provides greater rigidity and dent resistance.
  • Wall-mounted, continuous “P”-shape seal does not affect airflow when door is open, and is more forgiving of house imperfections for a tighter seal when door is closed.
  • Modular panel design allows maximum flexibility in door size to match house sidewall openings.