Pan Feeders for Floor Birds

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Chore-Time's Circulating Pan Feeding (CPF™) System

With Chore-Time's Circulating Pan Feeding (CPF™) System, you get a fresh, even feed ration throughout the layer house.

Circulating Pan Feeding (CPF™) System Features

  • Delivers uniform feed rations to every bird as soon as the feeder starts.
  • Chore-Time's REVOLUTION® Feeder Pans feature 12 individual eating positions and comfortable, scalloped grill at pan’s edge.
  • Pan design, anti-rake fins and grill work together to help keep feed waste to a minimum.
  • Feeder does not require indexing, making it easier to install and operate.
  • Just one feeder line hopper is required per 500 feet (150 m) of feeder line.