Chore-Time’s LINEAR-LIFT™ Winch provides the power to operate poultry house curtains, tunnel doors or other applications.

Travel distances available from 22 through 72 inches (56 to 183 cm).

  • Chain or cable is attached near the center of the threaded rod, reducing the torque of unbalanced loading and providing smoother, more reliable movement.
  • Two-piece, plastic nut glides smoothly and is easy to replace or to retrofit. The plastic nut is held securely in a metal block for extra durability.
  • Greasable traveling bronze nut option has a “grease storage pocket” to lubricate the rod.
  • Limit switch helps to prevent over-travel and potential for structural damage.
  • Safety switch light backs up the limit switch and lights up to indicate when a limit switch needs to be replaced.
  • Pulleys and sprockets swivel from -5 to 90 degrees for better alignment.
  • Corrosion-resistant galvanized steel housing and sealed, plastic electrical box.
  • Unit has an easy-access cover and uses proven Chore-Time gearhead and reversible motor.
  • A cover with a potentiometer assembly is also available.
  • Winches can be wall- or ceiling-mounted.