Galvanized Fan with HYFLO® Shutter

Galvanized High-Performance Fans

Chore-Time’s innovative galvanized fan with HYFLO® Shutter improves fan performance and minimizes cold air leakage. In fact, the HYFLO Shutter design has 75 percent less linear feet of edge surface than a typical louver shutter does, so there is less opportunity for air to leak through.

  • Enhance the great performance of Chore-Time’s galvanized fans with Chore-Time’s innovative HYFLO Shutter.
  • The HYFLO Shutter consists of just two moving parts for greater reliability.
  • Simple HYFLO Structure improves fan performance by minimizing obstructions during fan operation.
  • HYFLO Shutter doors are pushed open as air is exhausted when fan operates. Recessed position of shutter works with the shutter’s design to protect it from being opened by wind gusts.
  • Seal ring around HYFLO shutter helps seal out water and cold air leakage when shutter is closed.
  • HYFLO Shutter design has 75 percent less opportunity for air to leak through compared to a traditional louver shutter.
  • The HYFLO Shutter’s tilted shutter axis uses gravity as a natural closing mechanism.
  • HYFLO Shutter provides added rigidity and structural support to the fan for increased durability.