Revolution® Male Feeder

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Chore-Time’s eight-spoke REVOLUTION® Feeder Pan Assembly provides broiler breeder producers with a unique option for feeding roosters. The REVOLUTION Male Feeder gives producers the option of automatically filling feeders in the air or at floor level.

  • The feeder’s eight-spoke grill and scalloped pan edge offer roosters comfortable, easy access to feed in the pan.
  • Adjust the feed volume in all pans by using centralized winches in combination with the feeder’s innovative Rotary Gate.
  • An actuator system controls the feed level by adjusting the amount of gate opening to meet feed requirements as the male birds grow.
  • All the feeder pans can be automatically adjusted as a group with each pan having a settable range of .75 to 1.75 pounds (.34 to .79 kg) of feed.
  • The feeding system and pans are filled in the air and then lowered to the roosters at feeding time the next morning.
  • Producers who prefer to fill their rooster feeders at floor level have the option of getting a REVOLUTION Rooster Feeder pan assembly with indexed feeder tubes and no feed gates or windows.