VIKE Aviary System for Layers

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Configure for success. Choose the ideal layout for your facility to optimize your egg production and profitability.

Configurable Layout

  • Multiple configurations and system widths available.
  • Highly adaptable to many poultry house layouts, including multi-story houses with integral flooring.
  • Various configurations can be used to create the desired layout and promote optimal movement of hens throughout the house.
  • Stable, sturdy construction with stainless steel legs.

Low Height

  • Low-profile design is available to fit existing poultry houses.
  • Design allows full visibility for easy whole-house inspection.

Integrated VALEGO Nests

  • Integrated VALEGO Nests promote optimal bird performance.
  • Feature highly efficient rack-drive expulsion (RDE) systems.
  • Constructed of durable, A-grade, film-faced plywood.
  • Easy to install and maintain with Smart “Click & Fix” nest walls and roofs.
  • Includes self-cleaning nest pads.

VIKE-2 Standard Configuration

  • 2 manure belts and 1 nest tier.
  • Available widths: 71.9, 82.3 and 102.8 in. (1.825, 2.09 and 2.61 m)

VIKE-5 Step Configuration

  • 2 manure belts and 1 nest tier.
  • Upper tier width: 71.9 in. (1.825 m)
  • Lower tier width: 102.8 in. (2.61 m)