GENESIS® Breeder Feeder

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More Feeding Space, Uniform Feed Delivery and Less Feed Waste

More space for birds to eat, consistent delivery of feed, and less wasted feed are just a few of the advantages of double pan feeding with the GENESIS® Breeder Feeder. It is available in loop and straight-line configurations. The loop system provides immediate delivery of feed to every pan in the house every time the feeder system runs – without tube indexing.

The GENESIS® Feeder’s unique design lets you feed 33 percent more birds than a chain feeder – 64 birds per 12 linear feet (3.66 m) of GENESIS® Feeder compared to 48 on 12 feet (3.66 m) of chain feeder trough.

Genesis Pullet Feeder

Multiply Your Feeding Space with the GENESIS® Breeder Feeder

With the GENESIS® Feeder you can choose more birds or fewer feeder pans – while still giving every bird more eating space than at a chain feeder. Configure houses with multiple loops or straight-line tubes up to 600 feet (183 m) long each.

  • 18 grill openings at every feeder — more than any other pan feeder.
  • Four pans per 12-foot (3.66 m) tube provides space for 33% more birds than chain feeders.
  • 45-degree angle on the feeder tube permits a variety of feeder configurations while still giving birds eating comfort and easy access to drinkers.


The GENESIS® Breeder Feeder features Chore-Time’s patented scalloped grill for comfortable perimeter eating.

  • Upper grill openings deliver more light and air to birds while they eat.
  • Birds not only have easy access to feed, but also easier access to water and nests due to the feeder’s unique 45-degree angle on the feeder tube.


GENESIS® Feeders uniformly deliver the quantity of feed specified by the integrator to every pan in feeder systems up to 600 feet (183 m) long. The result? Uniform feeding leads to more uniform egg production for breeders, and ultimately to producing more uniform broilers.

  • Restricted dietary needs are no problem with the GENESIS® Feeder!
  • The GENESIS® system maintains the feed ration in the feeder tube until feeding time, when all birds are presented with an identical quality ration – no picking over of feed.

Reduced Feed Waste Adds Up to Real Savings

With Chore-Time GENESIS® Feeders, birds exhibit feed-conserving eating behavior. Birds tend to keep their heads over the GENESIS® feeder pans while eating, so any dropped feed falls back in the pans.

  • The feeder’s built-in catch area holds dropped feed for the birds to eat, while feed fins incorporated in the pan help to maintain the feed level and to prevent feed waste.
  • Adjustable grill openings and height limiter ring prevent roosters from competing with hens for feed.

Simultaneous Feed at Every Pan and Every Feeding Space!

With GENESIS® Feeders in a loop system, a supply of feed stays in the tube for immediate delivery of feed to every pan in the house every time the feeding system runs.

  • Dual feed inlets promote even feed distribution as well as improved feed flow to the bird eating area for a variety of feed types.
  • Fast auger speed in the tube recharges feed quickly so the feeder is ready for the next run time.