Radiant Tube Heaters

Now Available in the U.S. and Canada

More Heat Where You Want It

Radiant tube heaters from Chore-Time and Heatstar AG* deliver low-intensity, gentle heat directly toward floor-level objects. These objects, in turn, heat the surrounding air. The tube heaters can be installed high above the floor, where they reflect heat to a large area, reducing cold spots and inconsistent heating.

JET™ Series Radiant Tube Heaters

JET™ Radiant Tube Heaters provide superior heating efficiency, improved bird performance and operational advantages. The JET25™ Model covers 25-60% more floor area directly below the heaters than shorter competitive models.** Additionally, the JET25™ Heater burns at 100,000 BTUs, delivering 25% more output per heater than competitive units burning at 80,000 BTUs.

The result – fewer heaters are needed per house to heat the same area. And, when fewer heaters are needed, other costs also go down. Additionally, whether you choose the JET25™ or the JET20™ Heater, workers can perform in-house maintenance with the side door open, even while the burner is running.

  • Heat is transferred efficiently and evenly to the floor, requiring fewer heaters and fewer BTUs per square foot (square meter).
  • Aluminized tubing used in the first 10 feet (3.05 meters)  of each heater resists corrosion.
  • JET™ Heaters dry floor shavings and reduce hot and cold spots.
  • Burner is 100% factory-tested.
  • Gasket-lined burner box keeps out dust.
  • Easy-access hinged panel simplifies maintenance.
  • Power and diagnostic lights are positioned under the burner box for easy visibility.
  • Connects easily to control systems such as Chore-Time’s CHORE-TRONICS® 3 Controller.

Unique JET™ Flame

JET™ Heaters use a burner with a 10-foot (3.05-meter) jet-like flame combined with a unique 25-foot (7.62-meter) or 20-foot (6.10-meter) tube system to provide strong, even heat throughout the poultry house.

Rapid, Even Heat Transfer

JET™ Series Tube Sets feature a straight-line system with two diameters of tubes that use positive pressure to move and radiate heat evenly along the full length. Warm air is expelled from the end of the tube to fill in the gap between heaters.

Optimized Aluminum Reflector

The aluminum reflector on JET™ Heaters forms a stepped arc using eight different angles to reflect heat from the top of the tube and direct it down to the floor in a wide pattern. A single set of JET™ Heaters installed down the middle of a house can heat up to 50 feet (15.24 meters) in width.

Smaller Cold Spots

With traditional 40-foot (12.19-meter) and 50-foot (15.24-meter) tube heaters, floor temperatures decline rapidly along the tube length, producing arrowhead-shaped floor heat patterns. The result is hot spots near the burner and large cold spots flanking the last tube sections and the gaps between heaters. Chore-Time and Heatstar AG* solved this limitation with the exclusive design of the JET™ Series Heaters.

Moving Up the Charts

JET™ Series Heaters have been shown to improve both feed efficiency and bird performance. When changing from a 40- or 50-foot (12.19- or 15.24-meter) traditional tube heater to a JET25™ Tube Heater, some customers improved their feed conversion ratios with the potential to increase their contract bonus payments.

COMFORTER™ Radiant Tube Heaters

For dependable heat at an economical price, you can count on COMFORTER™ Radiant Tube Heaters from Chore-Time and Heatstar AG*. Our popular 40- and 50-foot (12.19- and 15.24-meter) tube sets allow you to install fewer heaters than traditional round radiant heaters.

  • Two-year warranty on tubes; one-year warranty on burner box.***
  • Sealed burner box for less maintenance.
  • Direct spark ignition for reliable operation.
  • 10- to 60-foot (3.05- to 18.29-meter) tube lengths.
  • Aluminized tubing used in first 10 feet (3.05 meters) to resist corrosion.
  • Installation hardware included with tube sets.
  • Stainless steel couplers.
  • Chrome-plated hanging brackets.
  • Connects easily to control systems such as Chore-Time’s CHORE-TRONICS® 3 Controller.

*The trademarks HEATSTAR AG, JET, JET25, JET20 and COMFORTER are not owned or licensed by CTB, Inc. and are the sole property of ENERCO Group Inc.
** Based on Heatstar AG case study, results may vary depending on house conditions.
***See written warranty for complete warranty details.