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TURBO HOUSE™ System -- A Proven Profit Producer

Chore-Time’s TURBO HOUSE™ Environmental System provides fresh, clean, uniform air in all areas of the layer house. This ideal kind of environment brings about many benefits such as:

  • Uniform temperature in all parts of the cage building.
  • Less ammonia and odors.
  • Lower mortality and consistently better production.
  • Drier manure (13 to 20% moisture content).
  • Less time required for manure removal.

Here's How It Works

  • Air enters the house through the roof’s peak or the house eaves.
  • In a negative-pressure house, the air is drawn through the house by fans located in the pit area. Fans are located in the attic of a positive-pressure house.
  • TURBO™ Inlets running the length of the cage rows deliver controlled streams of fresh air in two directions.
  • Fresh, clean air is provided evenly to all birds throughout the house, for an unsurpassed and uniform environment.
  • Spent air is forced through slots in the floor, across cone-shaped manure piles in the pit, enabling further manure drying.
  • To complete the TURBO HOUSE System, one large dropping board scraper is positioned directly under each cage row.