Brood-Grow Manure Belt Cages

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Brood-Grow Manure Belt Cages

Modular Manure Belt Pullet Cages

Chore-Time’s Modular Manure Belt Cage System offers egg producers the outstanding pullet performance they expect from Chore-Time, plus greater shipping simplicity, and easier assembly and repair – all in an economical cage system that meets current bird space standards.

Sturdy Construction

Chore-Time cages are quality built in North America. Solid construction and heavy-duty materials combine with our innovative design for years of superior performance.

Cage Floors

Galfan® floors provide years of trouble-free use. Individual floors allow for easy manure belt access.*

Other Cage Features

  • Cages are available in 3-high to 8-high models in cage rows up to 520 feet (160 meters) long; walkways and/or step rails are easily integrated.
  • Modular design features individual cages instead of eight-foot (2.4-meter) cage sections – makes cage replacement and manure belt access easier.
  • Easy assembly features innovative interlocking parts, and requires fewer rings
  • Brood-Grow cages feature a large push-in door for wide access to the cage interior. The door closes with a simple, yet secure spring mechanism.
  • For even greater durability, cages and structural components are manufactured using all galvanized steel construction and Galfan® cage floors.
  • Mesh partitions improve ventilation.
  • The feed shield can be remotely adjusted (optional feature) for easy adjustment and continued feed conservation while birds grow.
  • Floor support is simple solid rod construction. Does not require constant end-row tension.
  • System is covered by Chore-Time’s generous cage warranty and solid backing. (See Chore-Time’s full written warranty for complete warranty details.)

*Galfan is not owned or licensed by CTB, Inc. and is the sole property of its respective owner.

Manure Belt System

Chore-Time’s Manure Belt System is self-cleaning and offers exceptionally good tracking for years of smooth operation and extremely manageable manure. An optional air drying system is also available.

Chore-Time Manure Belt Drive System

  • Each tier has a separate drive unit with its own motor and can be operated independently of the others as needed.
  • Modular construction makes Chore-Time’s system easier to install. Plus, parts are interchangeable between tiers.
  • Rubber-coated drive roller is coupled with steel pressure rollers – a combination that allows reliable belt operation on cage row lengths up to 520 feet (160 meters).
  • Pressure roller scrapers keep rollers clean for better tracking and improved pull of the manure belt.
  • Plastic belt scraper cleans belt without cutting or damaging it. Each tier’s belt can be cleaned easily and individually.
  • Uses the same proven Chore-Time gearheads and motors used in Chore-Time feeders and egg collectors.
  • Drive mechanism is designed to protect critical parts from damage should a problem occur.

Optional Manure Drying System

  • Optional supplemental air tube.
  • Helps reduce ammonia emissions.
  • Air in tube is low in dust content and flows freely through air holes.
  • Modular components offer design and output flexibility.
  • Fully automatic system handles air capacities from 4,700 to 8,800 CFM (8,000 to 15,000 cubic meters per hour).
  • Made of the highest quality materials for long life.