Clean Sweep Collection Tables

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Chore-Time® Clean Sweep Side- and Center-Belt Tables

  • Belt speed of 45 feet per minute (13.7 meters per minute) 110/240 VAC 50/60 Hz.
  • DC gear motor and electronic control offer quiet, vibration-free operation.
  • Table construction provides working deck elevation adjustable from 24- to 42-inch (61- to 107-cm) height. Table also includes strong, durable leveling feet.
  • Self-adjusting belt tensioning system maintains consistent belt travel as belt extends with age.
  • Simple belt direction reversal for egg belt service.
  • Large litter pans collect dirt and debris at the drive rollers. Pans are easily removed and cleaned.
  • Plastic tabletop decks are easily removed and cleaned. Deck removal provides easy service access to drive system.
  • Suspension points and hardware included for table winching.
  • Side-belt table comes standard with two side shelves and one upper deck shelf. An optional add-on front shelf is also available. Side and front shelves are supplied with turf pads.
  • Center-belt table comes standard with one upper deck shelf for egg flat placement.