EXCELSIOR® Egg Collection System for VERSA® PLUS Colony

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Handles the Larger Capacity Demands of Today’s VERSA® PLUS Colony Houses

EXCELSIOR® Collector Advantages

  • Greater capacity – holds more eggs per row of baskets, offers collection of all tiers at once and can be taller than earlier Chore-Time collectors.
  • Greater flexibility – variable collection speed options and various discharge heights.
  • Cleaner eggs – most trash exits the system before eggs reach the baskets.
  • Easier-to-maintain collector with stronger
    basket structure.

Adaptable Operation

  • Collector’s mini rod conveyor is powered by the egg belt drive motor, while the baskets are run by an independent motor. A variable speed option is available for both motors.
  • Accepts 3.8- or 4.9-inch (9.5- or 12.4-cm) egg belts.
  • Ideal for new construction or retrofit of older buildings.

Cleaner Eggs

  • Feathers and other foreign matter drop off the egg belt and through the collector’s mini rod conveyor into easily removable trays before eggs reach the baskets.

Easy Maintenance

  • Baskets are fastened with an easy-to-replace connecting rod.
  • Space-saving rows of baskets are horizontal rather than angled regardless of cage configuration.