ULTRAFLO® Feeding System for Cage-Free

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The ULTRAFLO® Feeder is now available in a cage-free alternative to traditional chain feeders, offering superior feed conversion and long-lasting durability.

On the Floor or In the Aviary

The ULTRAFLO® System provides flexible feeding options for cage-free layer environments. Floor systems can be hung from the ceiling for easy access or ground supported on optional feeder stands with perches. Aviary systems are also available with mounting options for higher-density feeding.

Alternative to Chain and Pan Feeders

The ULTRAFLO® Feeder is a unique auger feeding system for cage-free systems. It is easy to install, easy to maintain, and provides even feed distribution. You simply set how often you want to deliver feed or stimulate birds to eat, and the system does the rest.

Better Feed Conversion

Birds get faster access to uniform feed with the unique ULTRAFLO® System. Unlike chain feeders that simply move feed along, this system moves and mixes the feed at the same time to provide an even feed ration and reduce high-grading.

Long-Lasting Durability

The ULTRAFLO® Feeder is built with durable augers made of high-tensile-strength music wire that provides long life and trouble-free operation. An optional reversible auger can be run in both directions to reduce wear on moving parts and make drive components last twice as long.

Uniform Feed Distribution

  • Closed-loop system delivers precise feed ration without risk of over-feeding the birds.
  • Slight rotation of the auger remixes feed as it moves through the trough.

More Feed Delivered Faster

  • 80 feet-per -inute (24 meters-per-minute) auger speed delivers feed faster than chain feeders.
  • Feed capacity of 0.55 pounds per foot (0.82 kilograms per meter) gives birds easy access to ample feed.

Less Feed Waste

  • Auger acts as a grill to prevent birds from raking feed, reducing feed waste and increasing feed conversion.
  • Feed catch zone with flared lip helps keep feed in the trough where birds can consume it. Curled edge at the top helps prevent raking.
  • Built-in perches keep birds oriented toward the feeder for less soiling of feed.

Complete Control

  • Set the number and timing of feeding cycles using the reliable CHORE-TRONICS® 3 Controller.
  • Programmable “stimulation” cycles stir feed to help stimulate birds’ appetites, especially in hot weather.

Built-In Durability

  • Auger coils are joined with brass connectors for extra durability. There are no welding points to wear or break.
  • Heat-treated elbows are designed to withstand the moving action of the auger.
  • Hardened gears on drive sprockets provide reliable operation.
  • Trough is made of 20-gauge galvanized steel.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

  • Swedged trough construction, where one end of each section is tapered to fit inside the next, allows the trough to be assembled with seamless joints.
  • No trough “edges” where stale or damp feed can accumulate.
  • Hang feeder from the ceiling or place feeder on the optional perch and feeder stands.
  • Perch rods can be installed on both sides of feeder.
  • The ULTRAFLO® Feeder offers a tight radius with a minimum 40 inches (101.6 cm) between troughs for loop configurations. Elbow radius is 18 inches (45.7 cm).
  • Energy-efficient system uses reliable Chore-Time power units and gear boxes.
  • Feed savings and low horsepower requirements result in lower overall operating costs.

Customizable Lengths*

0-120 feet (0-36.6 meters) with 1 motor
121-448 feet (36.9-136.6 meters) with 2 motors
449-750 feet (136.9-228.6 meters) with 4 motors

* For reference only, based on 230V, single phase. Number of motors needed may change depending on house voltage and phase. Trough sections available in 8- or 10-foot (2.4- or 3.0-meter) lengths.

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