Modular Vertical DBS Cage System

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Cages That Set the Standard

Chore-Time’s Modular Vertical Dropping Board Scraper (MVDBS) System offers egg producers the outstanding production performance they expect from Chore-Time, plus greater shipping simplicity, easier assembly and repair, and improved egg roll-out – all in an economical cage system that meets current bird space standards.

Sturdy Construction

Chore-Time cages are quality-built in North America. Solid construction and heavy-duty materials combine with our innovative design for years of superior performance.

Composite Mesh Floor

A composite mesh floor helps lower mortality by using a tighter mesh spacing where birds stand, coupled with a more open spacing in other sections of the floor.

Cage Door Latch

Chore-Time’s metal door latch offers true one-handed operation. Its positive lock means chickens don’t get out.

Other Cage Features

  • Cages are available in 3-high to 12-high models in cage rows up to 520 feet (160 meters) long; walkways and/or step rails are easily integrated.
  • Dual floor slope improves egg roll-out, and distance from cage to egg tray helps protect eggs from bird damage.
  • Modular design features individual cages instead of eight-foot (2.4-meter) cage sections – makes cage replacement and dropping board access easier.
  • Easy assembly features innovative interlocking parts, and requires fewer rings.
  • Full-front horizontal cage door provides easier, more comfortable access to feed and to the cage interior.
  • For even greater durability, cages and structural components are manufactured using all galvanized steel construction and Galfan® cage floors.*
  • Flexible cage floor’s tighter mesh spacing in bird standing area is better for birds’ feet.
  • Mesh partitions improve ventilation.
  • Floor support is simple solid rod construction. Does not require constant end-row tension.
  • System is covered by Chore-Time’s generous cage warranty and solid backing. (See Chore-Time’s full written warranty for complete warranty details.)

Gentle Egg Collection with Accurate Counting

Chore-Time’s ULTRA-LIFT® XL Egg Collection System is the ideal system to insure a safe trip for the egg all the way from the hen to the cross conveyor.


  • Each cage row has its own set of egg-handling baskets.
  • No timing devices are needed.
  • Eggs are handled individually for minimal egg-to-egg contact.
  • Discharge heights are variable.
  • Requires less space at the end of the cage row than other collectors.
  • Eggs are transferred to cross conveyor by gravity and a unique rotation of the baskets.
  • Slack belt switch automatically maintains proper egg belt tension and prevents system failure.
  • Proven egg counting system is accurate to within 0.5%.

*Galfan is not owned or licensed by CTB, Inc. and is the sole property of its respective owner.

Superior Environment

Chore-Time’s TURBO HOUSE® Environmental System with dropping board scrapers offers a proven way to a better cage house environment and to greater profits. Used properly, a TURBO HOUSE® System can improve bird health, egg production, and feed conversion while lowering manure moisture content.

TURBO HOUSE® System Features

  • Cleaner more dust-free air inside and outside the house.
  • Uniform temperatures throughout the cage house.
  • Rolling ramp inlet automatically adjusts to weather conditions.
  • Fresh air enters through house attic and is distributed evenly over birds.
  • Spent air exits through slot under cages and dries manure in the pit.
  • Can be used with either curtain back or dropping board cage systems.
  • Ideal for the fully-enclosed houses typical of cooler climates.
  • Provides cooling and added profitability in warm climates with proper house construction.
  • Positive pressure unit keeps fans clean and efficient.
  • Fans in negative pressure system are easily accessed for service and cleaning.
  • Bird body weight and feed intake do not suffer from temperature variations.
  • Improved egg size and production.
  • Enhanced manure drying and handling and reduced odor.
  • Light restriction capabilities.