Revolution® Floor Flood Broiler Feeder

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The Simplicity of Floor Flood Feeding with Higher Performance and Control

Designed to fit the natural way birds eat

  • The scalloped grill edge conforms to the shape of today’s birds.
  • The high-clearance grill lets birds freely lift their heads to allow natural movement while eating.
  • Because birds don’t have to back out of the feeder to swallow, more feed is consumed and less feed ends up on the floor.

Flood feeding for fast starts and easy brooding

  • The REVOLUTION® Floor Flood Feeder gives even the smallest chicks easy access.
  • The feeder quickly teaches birds that they can reach the feed without climbing inside.
  • It starts training birds immediately to efficiently consume feed … with no extra effort and no extra waste.

Controlled feeding for profitable grow-outs

  • The REVOLUTION® Floor Flood Feeder adjusts to your management style.  Raise the feeders higher to close the flood windows as the birds grow.
  • Or, choose to manually lock the windows into flood position at any pan height to provide a high feed level at any growth stage.
  • You can also choose one of six grow-out feeding levels to optimize days to maturity or final market weights.
  • More feed capacity eliminates transition “stall” when pan is raised and flood windows close.

Click the “Application Data” tab for feeder specifications and farm results.