Ultraflo® Breeder Feeder

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Speed the feed to your birds

Chore-Time ULTRAFLO® Feeders are specially designed for use with breeder hens.


  • Option of “hens only” or “all birds” grill.
  • Easy to operate, no feed level adjustment needed.
  • Auger connectors make it easy to join ends of auger.
  • Motor shield covers motors for extended life and makes cleaning easier; helps keep hens from roosting on motors.
  • Hardened elbows are available as an option where high-calcium rations are being used.   These elbows will withstand the corrosive ingredients better, and provide longer life.


  • Fast feed delivery means no birds can eat until all birds can eat — eliminates competition, stress, and provides for a uniform ration throughout the house.
  • Bird migration is virtually eliminated due to fast distribution of feed.
  • Specially-designed trough with sloped sides helps capture feed that would be wasted with a straight-sided trough.
  • Auger acts as a grill to prevent hens from raking feed, thus reducing feed wastage and increasing feed conversion.