Ultrapan® Pullet and Breeder Feeder

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Delivers uniform feed rations to every breeder pullet as soon as the feeder starts

Chore-Time ULTRAPAN® Feeders are specially designed for use with breeder pullets and breeder hens.


  • Each round pan feeder has 14 individual eating spaces.  Feeders are made of corrosion-proof plastic.
  • The enclosed feeder tube prevents birds from picking over feed.
  • Feeder loop tubing stays filled with feed for immediate delivery of fresh, uncontaminated feed every time the feeder operates.
  • Female-only grills are available to restrict males when using the feeder for hens.
  • Separate rooster feeder is available using the proven, Model G™ Plus feeder pan.


  • Round pan feeders give birds more eating space and greater eating comfort.
  • Birds have less eating-time stress, and can move easily to feed and water without restriction of movement.
  • Birds are not exposed to moving parts of equipment.
  • Every day feeding is easily accomplished.